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Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences


The School of Biological Sciences aims to establish itself as a leading international centre for research and teaching with harmonious synthesis of classical and modern biology - always promoting scholarship, original thinking, innovative ideas and cutting edge research.


  • To strive to become a centre of excellence in education and research in biological sciences providing training at undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral level.
  • To provide effective interdisciplinary learning ambience through extensive subject coverage in all fields of modern biology and inter-phasing with other scientific disciplines.
  • To equip its students to keep pace with recent developments in the field of scientific research.
  • To undertake high quality research activities in defined areas of biosciences so as to make an impact at national and international level.
  • To impart professional training for skilled human resource development across the state and country through short term training courses.
  • To strive to develop state of the art infrastructure comparable to best anywhere in the world.




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